Sample me is truly a WIN/WIN


Our Results are 100% Quantifiable

Results driven

With no upfront costs to your business

Cost Effective

Cheapest way of acquiring new customers.

Pay Wisely

Only pay for the customers that we bring into your business.


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Increase Your Footfall And Revenue Opportunities

SampleMe partners see an immediate impact to their business. Once your samples are featured on the app, new customers have the ability to discover your business immediately. We drive customers directly into your business, making SampleMe the cheapest method of acquiring new customers on the planet. Why spend huge amounts of advertising and marketing revenue on website clicks? SampleMe fills your venue with location based consumers who are a perfect fit for your business.

Partner With Professionals

When you partner with SampleMe, our team are in the trenches with you from the moment you sign up. We activate your account and setup your profile and sample offers. The process is simple and seamless. We even come into your business and train your team on the latest upselling techniques, customer retention tips and tricks and advice on the best sample packages that naturally lead to additional consumer purchasing.

Upsell And Gain Repeat Customers

SampleMe provides the people and you provide the service and experience to keep them coming back again and again. SampleMe is the fastest way to get consumers into your business with an upsell potential like no other! We create a community of word of mouth marketing with valuable feedback from real people.

Growing economies and communities

Joining the SampleMe community as a business provides more opportunity for commerce. We provide the customers to your door, so you can concentrate on proving the best customer experience to them as possible. Happy customers tell their circle of friends and the SampleMe consumer community becomes the trusted network to recommend the best your local city has to offer.